Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps at Lakeside are one-day catalysts to help you become a fully-devoted, active, growing follower of Jesus Christ. From making the decision to accept Jesus to actively serving in life-giving ministry, Next Steps is there to help you do just that, take those steps along your journey.

Next Steps will again be offered in February. Watch for information and sign ups in January.

Church 101

Church 101 is an introduction to the ministry of Lakeside and church membership. We cover what we believe, why we do what we do, and how you can get involved and become a member.

Church 101 happens the first Sunday of the month (quarterly) after the service.

Essentials 201

Essentials 201 is an overview of the necessary habits we need to build as followers of Jesus to maintain spiritual health. If you’re new to the faith and are trying to figure out how to grow this is the class for you.

Essentials 201 happens the second Sunday of the month (quarterly) after the service.

Discovery 301

Discovery 301 is an exploration of the things that make you who you are. God has created all of us with unique gifts, talents, and interests. At Discovery 301 we go through a few assessments to help you learn some things about yourself and where you might feel energized to serve.

Discovery 301 happens on the third Sunday of the month (quarterly) after the service.

Serving 401

Serving 401 is your opportunity to hear from the service team leaders at Lakeside to see where you might fit in. You’ll learn about the different spots to serve and help figure out which one is right for you.

Serving 401 happens on the fourth Sunday of the month (quarterly) after the service.