What to Expect

Lakeside might not be like other churches you’ve been to, so you might be wondering what you’re in for when you show up on Sunday morning.


  • Each service at Lakeside is going to last about an hour.
  • When you show up, you’ll notice most people are dressed pretty casually, so feel free to come however you’re comfortable.
  • Before and after service, people hang out in the lobby and grab a cup of coffee or a small snack from the counter.
  • During the service, we sing a handful of songs each weekend in a blend of old and new, hymns and modern music. Don’t worry about knowing the words, we’ve got screens up front to help you out!


  • When you show up at Lakeside, you can drop your kids off at Kingdom Seekers (K–5) or The Garden (0–PreK) where our workers will check them in.
  • We take safety very seriously, doing background checks on every person serving in our children’s areas and using a check-in system to make sure the right adult picks up each child after service.
  • Waiting for your kids when they show up, we have fun, interactive programs ready each week that your kids are going to love!


  • We focus our teaching time on digging into the Bible and letting it speak to us today.
  • We spend most of the year in series where we group together a theme or chunk of Scripture that has something in common for us to learn from.
  • You can get a good idea of what a typical message is like over on our Media page or see our Series Archive.

Of course, if there are any other questions you have before you come, feel free to contact us and ask!