Refined Rebellion

Tim Haugen | August 12, 2018



Refined Rebellion

“The Parable of the Prodigal Sons” gives us great insight into the gospel, and how the gospel of Jesus stands in contrast to much of what we know about ‘religion.’ Rebellion can take on different forms. In hard-hitting fashion, Jesus helps us to see that aiming to be “good enough” can actually be a form of rebellion. In fact, the notion that we must be “good enough” not only can lead to distance from God, but it can lead to anger and disconnection from God. This is so counter-intuitive. The gospel is radical in the sense that it confounds many of our assumptions. In Jesus’ story about two lost sons, there is an older brother who we discover is out of fellowship with the father – but for a very different reason than the younger son we meet at the beginning of the story. What does Jesus want to teach us about relationship with Him through the older brother in this important story He told?

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