Pastor Search Plan

In case you missed it or just want to go over it again, here is the plan for Lakeside’s Lead Pastor search that was presented after the service on October 15, 2017.

God is in control. He has a plan for Pastor Jeremy and Adrienne and He has a plan for Lakeside Community Church. The Elders are seeking God’s will in His plan. Here are the basic steps as we begin to proceed to seek God’s next lead pastor for Lakeside:

  1. The Elders will be selecting one of three companies that specialize in performing pastoral searches for churches. All three of the company choices are experts in their field with years of proven experience. We are using a professional service to begin the search process to relieve the burden off of Lakesiders, like we had when we were looking for Pastor Russ’ replacement.
  2. This company will come to Lakeside, observe our service, interview attenders, and conduct surveys to get a feel for what the ‘fit’ for Lakeside will look like.
  3. While they are doing that, the Elders will select a search/nominating committee. This committee will take the results from the search company and, along with the Elders, make the recommendation to the congregation as to who is the best candidate for Lakeside’s Lead Pastor.
  4. The search company will provide a list of between 3 and 8 names of candidates to the nominating committee and Elders.
  5. The nominating committee will pour over the provided materials on each candidate, perform reference checks and decide on which candidates to bring in to interview.
  6. The nominating committee and Elders will select one or more candidates to meet and interact with the congregation and hear preach during the Sunday service.
  7. The nominating committee will take input from the congregation and decide on a candidate to present for the congregation to vote on.
  8. The membership will vote as to whether or not to extend the offer to call that candidate as the new Lead Pastor.
  9. Once the congregation has approved a candidate for the Lead Pastor position, the Elders will work with the candidate to arrange for start date, final compensation package, etc.

The key thing the congregation can do, right now, is pray. Pray for the church. Pray for wisdom for the Elders and Nominating Committee. And pray for the person that God has planned to become our next Lead Pastor.

Presented by Al Johnson, on behalf of the Elders of Lakeside Community Church